Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Field Trip

The class recently took a field trip to two Denver design firms. Both very professional and very different.

First, we stopped in at Anabliss Design Studio. The president and creative director of the company, Matt Coffman, was our tour guide. His company was very tidy and well-kept. He introduced his small staff and spoke about his work, his clients, and his dog Boxer. We were treated to several examples of past print projects as well as a discussion regarding one of his most recent clients, Warren Village. All of the work exhibited was beautifully designed.

Our second venue was Ironton Studios. Jill Hadley Hooper showed us around and invited us into her inner sanctum to view a few of her illustrations. I would describe her office as 'artistically cluttered'. I felt very much at home. While in her office I found myself a little distracted by her book collection. She had stacked in the corner several titles I have read, including Dee Brown's "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee", as well as several more that I intend to read, such as a series of Joseph Campbell books, an approximately 3 inch thick book titled "Film Posters of the Russian Avant-Garde", and a positively enormous typography book. I couldn't help but feel a certain psychological kinship.

I would sincerely like to thank Matt Coffman and Jill Hadley Hooper for their hospitality.

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